An abundance of eggs–breakfast burrito anyone?


‘Tis the season for prolific egg laying. The chicken ladies are enjoying the longer sunny days and in return we are enjoying an abundance of eggs. I sell two dozen eggs per week. The birds not only pay for themselves but also pay to feed our dogs and cat and once a in a while, a coffee or two for me.  We enjoy as many fresh eggs as we can, and appreciate that our current level of production is seasonal.


The plethora of eggs will last until fall and then slowly tapper of.  By mid November, we will be happy to get two or three eggs a day.  It is still plenty for us to enjoy an omelet here and there. Though we find ourselves craving more, the children get dibs.

Paul loves breakfast burritos.  Easy to whip up and mostly mess free (he eats en route to work), it’s often what he has for breakfast.

A few days ago, while looking into the fridge, I found three dozen eggs starring at me and I had an idea–frozen breakfast burritos for the months when the girls are taking a break from laying! Eureka!! I decided to experiment.  The experiment was a success and brought much praise from Paul, who was the tester.

Initially, I wasn’t sure if  cooked eggs would freeze well, so I consulted the book of knowledge, Google! I  found a few ideas on how to freeze eggs.  The key was to cook the egg, an omelet/scrambled, let it cool completely on a towel, to absorb any liquid, and then assemble the burrito.  I also happened to have some bacon, cheese and salsa.  All froze and thawed eggcellent!

Here is what I did–cooked the eggs and bacon, then allowed it to get 100 percent cold on a towel.  I used a store bought tortilla, some day they will be home made, salsa and cheddar cheese to fill the burrito.  To freeze it, I wrapped it in foil since I can either reuse the foil  or recycle it, and put it in our freezer.

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A few days later, in the morning, I unwrapped the burrito from the foil, wrapped it in a napkin and zapped it in the microwave for about one minute and 20 seconds…and then, BAM, breakfast is served.   So, starting now and until the gals slow down, I will make a few extra burritos to go into the freezer.  I want to try  making them with beans, sausage and ham and really why stop there?  We often make pulled pork.  Why not freeze some lunch burritos?  We all have days when packing a healthy lunch is not an option, but hey, grabbing a burrito or two is simple enough!!  Oh the possibilities!

I know not everyone has chickens, but everyone can make and freeze burritos.  Next time your eggs of preference are on sale, buy an extra dozen or two and have a burrito making party!  You won’t be sorry on the morning you have overslept and don’t have time for a healthy breakfast.

Easy, fast, healthy, sustainable and most of all, pretty darn good if I may say so myself!!

Thanks for reading!

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