Canning for Christmas

For Christmas this year we decided to give my parents something practical. My Dad has been ill for the past few months, and my Mom has been trying to take care of him, while working a full time job. She has a hard time getting all the chores done around the house, let alone getting a hot meal cooked. We live too far away to cook for them, so we decided to give them the next best thing; home canned meals!

Like most canning projects, we started this one much too late in the evening. We decided to make a split pea soup, navy bean soup and then we would can up some sausages and chicken breasts. Last summer we canned a bunch of fresh, shelled beans that we got at a local farm stand, so we figured these soups would be similar. I canned a few chicken breasts a while back too, and they turned out great. Sausages are something we had not tried, but have been meaning to for a while.

Lina started by soaking the peas and beans.



and preparing the mis en place


then we mixed everything together and put it in jars



After about an hour in my Grandmother’s Presto,


the soups were finished.



Since it was almost 3 am, I decided to leave the meats for tomorrow. We will give these a try, and post recipes if they are worthy.

Thanks for reading!

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