Christmas gifts were a success!

A couple of days after canning our soups, we canned bratwurst and chicken breast. I only filled the bratwurst jars up halfway with water, so after canning, there is a thick layer of fat, with brats sticking through it. Due to their appearance and unknown spiciness, Lina made me the taster. They were great! The chicken turned out as expected, as we have canned these in the past.

These taste better than they look, honest!
These taste better than they look, honest!

To give the brats a better presentation, you could quickly brown them in a skillet, or maybe throw them on the grill. The chicken is just like store bought canned chicken, but with pride and integrity. Great for chicken salad, soup, or a sandwich.

We tried the soups the day before we gave them as gifts, which was cutting things close, if they turned out bad. Luckily, they were delicious. The split pea turned out a bit thick for soup, but after adding some liquid (water/broth) and microwaving, it was just like homemade. The whole jar (minus the lid of course) can be microwaved, for a quick meal. The navy bean was a perfect consistency. We realized after the fact that the home canned tomatoes used in the soup had been salted. We then added more salt when making the soup. This along with the ham made it a bit on the salty side. They both tasted really great, and we were proud to give them as Christmas gifts. My folks paid compliments to the chefs. If you are interested in a recipe, reply to this post!

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