Happy Easter



Happy Easter! We follow the Orthodox calendar and celebrated today with family and friends. Our tradition is to dye our eggs using onion peels, bake sweet breads (Kulich) and other pastries and spend the day with our family!  We had a lovely dinner at my sisters house and the kids got to open a few presents.

I have many fond memories of dyeing Easter eggs with my sisters and baking yummy bread with my mom.  I remember how much fun it was to prepare for this holiday and I hope that one day, my kids will love it as much as I do.

Here is a quick demo on dyeing eggs using onion peels and plants.

You will need a grocery bag full with onion peel (from yellow or red onion, it does not matter), a large pot, pantyhose, string (for sewing), scissors, plants (young ferns, dill, cilantro, young leaves, non glossy/waxy and nothing too thick) and raw white eggs (brought up to room temperature).

In a gist, you will affix a leaf on your your raw egg, wrap it as tight as possible with the pantyhose, twist and tie with a string, boil in onion peel for about 25 minutes, take out of the water, peel off the plant before it dries on to the egg forever and enjoy.

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