Happy New Year and Welcome 2017!


2017 is the year of the Rooster!!

As we say good bye to 2016, we evaluate all that it brought us! We make plans to improve and make things more efficient on our homestead. Here is a short list of things that we hope to achieve in 2017
1.) FINALLY finish the greenhouse and actually use it for starts!!!
2.) Depend only on our starts this year. Last year we bought a few pepper and cucumber plants. This year, we hope to do it all…and barter some of our starts at fairs and have another spring plant sale.
3.) Preserve our own seeds. I will experiment with the tomato seeds I preserved this season–if it work, it is super easy and there is no reason to buy seeds. If it does not work, then I shall try again and do more research to better my protocol.
4.) We hope to add to our home, so that will be a huge project! I am dreaming of having a bigger sun room or built in greenhouse, fingers crossed on this one.
5.) Work on a patch of grass that is overtaken by buttercups–we will conquer this war!!
6.) Put in our duck pond…maybe get a few ducks. We will only do so if we are able to build them a 100% secure home. I don’t want to ever live through another raccoon tragedy .
7.) Get meat birds to fill our freezers.
8.) Learn the art of making ham, bacon, sausages and other cured meats and smoked fish.
9.) Learn more about medicinal plants and dry more herbs for teas.
10.) Have an open house on the homestead.

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