Spring, bees, and busy

With the arrival of spring, our chore list gets significantly lengthier and more time consuming. Working full time and having two young children means that sacrificing sleep and well planned days are a must. Last weekend, Paul concentrated on making a pallet herb/salad garden. We cleared off some space in the front yard and put down five pallets. In the permaculture world, this is going to be our zone one garden. We still need to put up a temporary chicken fence around them (the girls will destroy the garden in all of five minutes if we don’t keep them out). Here are a few pics of our progress so far.


We hope to finish the garden this weekend and get the lettuces, spinach, kale, chard, herbs and some flowers planted.  Once the pallet garden is complete our next gardening chore will be getting the main garden beds up and putting up a fence in the front yard. After work this Wednesday we got home a little early. Paul went to get the girls and pick up a pizza and I started to get our planting gear ready…on full speed. We had saved 20 two litter club soda containers. I cut each in half, put them neck side down into the bottom half and threaded the neck with a half foot piece of yarn.


When Paul got home with the girls, we quickly ate the pizza outside and Paul filled the ready to go planters while I kept the gals happy and fed. Then came my favorite part—planting the tomato seeds. We have never used this method before and hope that it works. The theory behind it is that the piece of yarn will provide capillary action so the containers should be self-watering for at least a few days. Avoiding watering directly onto the seed or the seedling will prevent root exposure and potentially rotting of the seed. We will let you know how it goes. Another new technique we are employing this year is starting our starts in our “green house”.

Last summer Paul picked up a free 100 gallon fish tank that had a little crack in it. Initially we thought—verimculture! Having a worm bin for the precious compost is still on our to-do list but we repurposed it into a greenhouse instead. We put the starts under the fish tank along with a thermometer and are now waiting to see what happens.

 Following that project, we will be building a new and improved chicken coop, installing some hugel/woody bed gardens and fencing off the front yard.

Stay tuned!

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