The garden is full of life

I start my day by doing all of my morning chores; feeding the chickens, dogs, cat and children, putting away dishes, packing/preparing lunches and doing whatever else is needed to get the day going. Once the chores are done, I take a few minutes in the garden as “me” time and observe and note changes…all while listening to my chickens cluck!! Does life get any better?  I suppose it could, imagine if my chores included milking my cow–a girl can dream!

Here are a few things I saw this morning.

The asparagus patch is growing.  Since we moved them this year, we are not planning on harvesting them.  All of the asparagus will go to seed and hopefully feel welcomed in their new home.  Their bed is a hugelkultur bed and when you see fungus, you are doing it right!

asparagus mushroomfungi

The cherry trees (we have two) are blooming, so are the blueberries. The raspberries are full with buds.  This makes my girls happy since they love berries.

cherry blueberries raspberries


The perennial plants are thriving: the salsify looks and tastes like celery. We use the stalks and leaves when making broth. The root is edible too, we hope to try it this year.  The rhubarb needs no introduction.  We are looking forward to PIE!  And the tulip, although not edible, it adds a nice soft touch, no?

salsify rhubarb tulip

Speaking of rhubarb and pie, the strawberries are doing really well in the main patch and in the old tree trunk.

strawberry1 strawberry

A happy healthy garden is a garden that welcomes native plant species and volunteer growths.  We have potatoes and onions volunteering everywhere in the garden and the wild geranium is all over the front garden–hopefully the bees will snack on them while pollinating our gardens.

volunteers wild geranium


The starts are not doing too hot, they are outgrowing their containers and are in dire need of fertilizer. Paul is working hard on finishing the garden beds.  We hope to move them this week.



Thanks for reading… it makes my heart smile to walk in my garden and see all the life and the beginning of healthy, nutritious and fresh food for my family.  I also appreciate the education my kids are gaining from being in the garden and digging in the dirt.  There is so much to be learned from a simple compost pile!  Visit us again, soon!


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