The seeds are on their way!

For us, late fall and winter are seasons to get crafty for the upcoming holidays, shop from our pantry, reflect on our year and plan plan plan. Holidays are behind us and the good Lord knows we reflected…so now for the planning mode–seed ordering! A few weeks ago, I placed an order with Seed Savers.  It was so much fun to go through all the cool seeds and select the ones we will be harvesting come spring and summer.  I tend to go into my own little world when I order seeds, and have many visions about the upcoming garden.  I reread that sentence and sure, it sounds like I am crazy, but its true–I go to my happy place!

Last year, we used up most of our seed reserve, so this year, we needed everything.  I also ordered some additional seeds for people in our community–a small co-op group of local backyard farmers/homesteaders/gardeners/.  Here is a photo-list of what is on its way.  To say that I am excited is a HUGE understatement!  I can’t wait until late February-early March to get these guys into soil…some as starts and some directly sown into the ground!

0001-chervena-chushka-pepper-organic 0046-five-color-silverbeet-swiss-chard-organic 0107-amish-paste-tomato 0201-black-valentine-bean 0205-kentucky-wonder-bush-bean 0207-scarlet-runner-runner-bean 0229-dwarf-gray-sugar-pea 0236-feher-ozon-paprika-pepper 0277-grandma-eincks-dill-herb-organic 0320-bulgarian-carrot-pepper  0357-danvers-carrot-organic 0365-early-fortune-cucumber-organic 0367-golden-bantam-improved-corn-organic 0394C-yellow-borettana 0420-french-breakfast-radish-organic 0602-arugula-arugula-organic 0609A-sieva-lima-bean-organic 0610-bulls-blood-beet-organic 0620-pingtung-long-eggplant-organic 0623-lacinato-kale-organic 0630-red-romaine-lettuce-organic 0645-aurora-pepper-organic 0655-america-spinach 0661-beams-yellow-pear-tomato 0825-gold-medal-tomato 0829-thai-basil-herb 0844-bunte-forellenschluss-lettuce 0912-aunt-mollys-ground-cherry-organic 0937-baby-oakleaf-lettuce 0939C-amish-snap-pea 0993-empress-of-india-nasturtium-flower 1057-kelloggs-breakfast-tomato-organic 1217-strawberry-spinach 1218A-australian-butter-squash-organic 1299-joes-long-pepper 1302-philadelphia-white-box-radish-organic 1303-black-beauty-zucchini-squash-organic 1431-maules-red-hot-pepper 1460-japanese-trifele-black-tomato 1478-mcmahons-texas-bird-pepper-organic 1532-russian-pickling-cucumber-organic 1604A-paul-robeson-tomato-organic 1608-winter-luxury-squash 1616-gulleys-favorite-lettuce-organic

My mouth watered and my heart was happy looking at all of these photos!  Thanks for reading! Like us on Facebook for daily updates, news, recipes and pictures of our journey.



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